The Amazing Brain

The brain is one of the essiential organ of the human body.

Inside each human brain are approximately 86 billion neurons interconnected by more than 100 trillion synapses.

your brain started developing almost immediately after conception during the first month of your mother’s pregnancy your body was creating neurons at the rate of about 400 million per day your brain generates electricity constantly enough every waking minute to keep a low with a slide board fully lit when you say that’s a great idea your statement could literally as well as figuratively true.

sensory signals move along and alpha motor neuron in your spinal cord at 228 miles per hour this is the fastest transmission of this type in the sensory receptors which travel at 1mph are among the slowest in thebody because they do not have myelin sheat which would insulate them and boost their speed. The brain of a normal 20 year old woman person possesses a hundred thousand miles of myelin covered nerve fibres.Your brain can feel no pain because it has no pain receptors which is the organ that controls the whole nervous system and it can’t fell pain! This is why neuro surgeons can operate on the brain without worrying about the pain level of the patient.

The brain is also very amazing in the case of storage.

The truth about it,

Our brains were given to us from God. Because we are created in his image. He gave it to us to solve the problem of why we came into this world.

That’s why you must mind the things you put there, because it is amazing.


HOFanatomy, how organs function. Looking at the heart. This controls the circularly system of the body. If you look at how blood flows through the heart and throughout the body. The heart is made of four chambers that beat in a coordinated and synchronized way.

Deoxygenated Blood flows into the heart through the inferior and superior vena cava, and enters the right auricle, as the heart is beating it flows through the right anterio ventricular valve(ie, tricuspid valve). Then flows into the right ventricle via the pulmonary artery. The blood which is deoxygenated flows through the lungs to drop carbon(iv) oxide and pick up oxygen that’s why you inhale oxygen and exhale carbon (iv)oxide. Now the blood is now oxygenated, then flows back to the through the pulmonary vien via the left auricle going down through the left anterior ventricular valve (ie bicuspid valve), and into the left ventricle via the aortic arc and to the aorta, where it is eventually distributed throughout the body. All this happen as the heart is contracting and relaxing.


HOFanatomy, how organs function in the body. For example the brain.

The brain is a complex organ of the body, which is part of the central nervous system. It is divided into three parts known as the forebrain mid-brain and the hind brain. It has sections known as the cerebrum, cerebellum, diencephalon, mid-brain, pons and medulla oblongata. The brain is divided into two hemispheres (right and left).Which is made of 4 lobes known as frontial, pariental ,temporal and occipital love. The brain is very complex.
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